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Rock is one of the world’s top-class medical products in Hong Kong’s largest retailer, through its comprehensive branch network, providing value for money of goods, to create better quality of healthy life for our customers.

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Rock ideas and profiles

Rock Health is the world’s top-class medical products agency, quality-oriented company, maintaining high quality and service to the community. Being a leadership in physical therapy and orthopedic correction solutions, Rock provides a complete portfolio of products, so that users are able to create richest performance.The Podiatric treatment of orthopedic correction, Rock supplies sales amount up to over five hundred thousand. Rock is arguably among the top three positions in Hong Kong. After Millennium, Rock grows rapidly and more to the purpose of serving the community. So that the institutions of turnover growth factor, it is breaking millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Rock provides the high quality products from the efforts of Product Development Department. They are looking for the solid R & D companies to develop a high-quality product and more attractive price to the public. This is the same as the Athletics convenient runners must proceed from the efforts to improve training and skills.

In addition to go beyond the limit and innovation constantly, we also purchase the latest scientific medical products overseas continually. Such as interference battery wave machine especially for the treatment of the spine with the inverted machine, and the blood pressure and pulse meter which are scored the only accurate medical profession in Europe Award, etc. …….

In order to stay ahead in the industry, Rock’s variety of excellent products must also lead to cost and service in the market simultaneously. That is the reason why all employees comply with rock’s “Total Quality Management” program strongly. To promote the products to the market with cost and time control, but it still can provide the world-class quality to the customer.