7 Himmel Knee Support

HK$ 688.0

7 Himmel knee support uses its perfect combination of materials and specially designed construction
to provide relief and stabilization in the knee area.
During movement, the special designed silicone ring compresses and massages the soft tissues.
The resulting enhanced circulation in the joint capsule and promotion of lymph drainage lead to
reduced swelling, pain relief and improved function.
It ensures that any swelling subsides quickly and stimulates the healing process.

7 Himmel knee support is perfect to relief knee pain.


  • Patella fixation support with integrated silicone pad
  • Two unique design splints on each side for improved lateral support
  • Relieves and protects flexor tendons and soft tissue
  • Irritation after an injury, operation or overexertion of tendons, muscles or ligaments
  • Feeling of instability
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